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Bikram, Ghosh, Vinyasa, Vin Yin Yoga classes
Welcome to Hot Method Yoga located in Bradburn Village
Westminster, CO

Hot Method Yoga offers several fun and challenging series done in a heated studio (anywhere between 98-105 depending on the class). Our Ghosh series classes are based on the original 84 asanas as designed by Bishnu Ghosh. The Ghosh lineage was made famous by Bikram Choudhury's beginning yoga class and is taught under many names throughout the world today. We now offer both beginning and intermediate series based on various postures from Ghosh's original 84.

Ghosh's Core26, Core40, and Express Hot series are for all ages and abilities. The Core40+ series is a beginning series with some additional challenging postures and we welcome practionioners with at least a couple of classes experience to give it a try. It uses 40+ asanas from the Ghosh lineage, and while it may be a little more challenging it is within reach for most students.Align Your Selfheight=202

We aslo offer Hot Vinyasa as well as Hot VinYin style classes to our growing community. With the addition of these classes you can truly acheive a well balanced practice. No style of yoga is 100% complete, but with a variety of classes available for your practice you will acheive a well balanced yoga experience. We encourage you to try all of our classes and rejoice in the ones that you love while you grow with the ones that may chgallenge you.

Come try one of our series today!
Core26 | Core40 | Express Hot | Hot Vinyasa| Hot VinYin

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